electric towel rails Atlantic


Electric towel rails – Atlantic offers a complete range of electric towel rail models to heat the bathroom. Atlantic guarantees the construction quality, its safe operation and clean heating at low a cost. The discreet, minimal design exudes the French style, which brings aesthetic harmony in space. Atlantic towel rails heat the bathroom and the towels at a very low cost.

electric bathroom towel rails – advantages


  • direct heating of the bathroom
  • safe function
  • special heating fluid in the interior for higher efficiency
  • room thermostat – offers comfort and low consumption
  • room temperature sensor
  • thermal fuse to prevent excessive temperature increase on the surface
  • on/off switch
  • operating indicator
  • 2 year warranty

RSS 2012

RSS 2012 στενή σειρά

electric towel rails Atlantic RSS 2012

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
RSS 2012 05500W1013x480x85235€
RSS 2012 07750W1464x480x85265€
RSS 2012 101000W1789x480x85295€

electric towel rail Atlantic RSS 2012 narrow model

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
RSS 2012 Narrow 03300W805x400x85195€
RSS 2012 Narrow 05500W1255x400x85235€

Timelis Chrome

electric towel rail Atlantic Timelis Chrome

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
Timelis Chrome 03300W980x555x110499€
Timelis Chrome 05300W1370x555x110555€
Timelis Chrome 07750W1760x555x110610€

Αερόθερμο λουτρού NICO

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price