electric towel rails Atlantic

electric towel rails Atlantic

Electric towel rails – Atlantic offers a complete range of electric towel rail models to heat the bathroom. Atlantic guarantees the construction quality, its safe operation and clean heating at low a cost. The discreet, minimal design exudes the French style, which brings aesthetic harmony in space. Atlantic towel rails heat the bathroom and the towels at a very low cost.


More than in any other room, the feeling of warmth in a stylish environment are key to achieve optimum comfort in your bathroom. With no compromise on quality, Atlantic bathroom heating ranges offer both efficiency and design, for your comfort.


bathroom heating – advantages of electric towel rails

  • direct heating of the bathroom
  • safe function
  • special heating fluid in the interior for higher efficiency
  • room thermostat – offers comfort and low consumption
  • room temperature sensor
  • thermal fuse to prevent excessive temperature increase on the surface
  • on/off switch
  • operating indicator
  • 2 year warranty
electric towel rails, safe operation and clean heating at low a cost

RSS 2012

RSS 2012 Narrow model

Electric towel rails Atlantic RSS 2012 narrow
Electric towel rails thermostat Atlantic

2012 is a compact and classic bathroom radiator and towel dryer full of interesting features. Thanks to a narrow design, it can fit perfectly in confined spaces, even in the smallest bathrooms.

Simple and Compact

The 2012 electric towel rail works with a heat conducting fluid circulating in all the tubes and distribute the heat homogeneously. Not only does it provide you with a fast and gentle warmth and optimum comfort, the 2012 electric towel rail can also dry several towels at the same time.

The 2012 combines simplicity, efficiency and a sober charm. It constitutes a smart choice and a good value for money bathroom heater.

Silent operation

This silent operating, modern slim-line design appliance comes in standard and narrow models, in order to adapt harmoniously to any bathroom, even in the smallest ones. It is easy to install on the wall 30 cm above the floor. Just use a plug near the radiator and you are ready to go.

The 2012 bathroom electric towel rail comes with several great features: multi-tariff thermostat and daily auto heating / auto drying functions allowing cost and energy savings, booster light, timer for towel drying, anti-staining process (ASP), etc.

Additionally, the 2012 is entirely quiet in operation.  The control panel is easily accessible at the bottom of the appliance and user-friendly.

electric towel rails Atlantic RSS 2012

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
RSS 2012 05500W1013x480x85235€
RSS 2012 07750W1464x480x85265€
RSS 2012 101000W1789x480x85295€

electric towel rail Atlantic RSS 2012 narrow model

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
RSS 2012 Narrow 03300W805x400x85195€
RSS 2012 Narrow 05500W1255x400x85235€

Doris digital

πετσετοκρεμάστρα μπάνιου Doris digital
towel hanger for electric towel Atlantic Doris digital

Towel hanger can be bought separately.

ηλεκτρική πετσετοκρεμάστρα μπάνιου Doris digital

Quality bathroom heating

Doris digital electric towel rail features a classic, straight line and large towel surface. Redesigned for greater efficiency. This is a reliable solution for quality heating of the bathroom, at low electricity cost. Also available with fan [Doris Ventilo] offering extra 1000W heating.

The brandname Atlantic guarantees the quality of the radiator, it’s safe operation in the bathroom and the hygienic heating at low cost. The discreet, minimalist design of the Doris digital electric towel rail highlights the French style of aesthetic harmony in the space.

Digital thermostat

Atlantic’s Doris digital electric towel rail warms you and your towels at a very low cost. The digital electronic thermostat will accurately maintain bathroom temperature to the levels you want, at low cost.

electric towel Atlantic Doris digital

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
Doris digital 05500W1090x500x115315€
Doris digital 07750W1582x500x115359€
Doris digital 101000W1828x500x115385€

electric towel Atlantic Doris digital Ventilo

Model with fanWattHxWxD (mm)Price
Doris digital ventilo 05500W + 1000w1090x500x130440€
Doris digital ventilo 07750W + 1000w1582x500x130499€
Doris digital ventilo 101000W + 1000w1828x500x130569€

Timelis Chrome

electric towel rail Atlantic Timelis Chrome

Quality and Aesthetics

Timelis Chrome is the product of a long tradition of excellence and technical innovation led by Atlantic, the renowned French brand specialized in heating systems and authentic comfort.

The heat conducting fluid, circulating in all the tubes, brings your bathroom a rapid and gentle warmth diffusion for an excellent comfort, while drying several towels.

In a few words, Timelis Chrome is an elegant, fast heating and powerful bathroom radiator and towel dryer, which combines premium design and efficiency!

Gifted with a contemporary chrome design, Timelis Chrome adds a nice touch of style to your bathroom. It is easy to install with a plug located at about 30 cm from the bottom of the radiator.

Money saving

Moreover, Timelis Chrome is fitted with the triple comfort system innovation (3CS). It brings simultaneous heating of towels and room through lateral and frontal heat diffusion.

You will enjoy its interesting features such as a digital electronic thermostat, a programmable remote control, an Eco mode, etc. They make Timelis Chrome quite user-friendly and cost saving.

By combining elegance, modernity and efficiency, Timelis Chrome is an excellent choice for your bathroom!

Electric towel rails Atlantic - high quality bathroom heating

Timelis Chrome is a superb appliance, gifted with a beautiful contemporary chrome design. Thanks to its digital remote control, triple comfort system (3CS) and smart functions, Timelis Chrome matches your requirements, while bringing an optimum comfort with up to 15% of energy savings!

electric towel rail Atlantic Timelis Chrome

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
Timelis Chrome 03300W980x555x110499€
Timelis Chrome 05300W1370x555x110555€
Timelis Chrome 07750W1760x555x110610€


Atlantic KEA electric towel rail
ψηφιακός θερμοστάτης LCD ηλεκτρική πετσετοκρεμάστρα Atlantic KEA

Its user-friendly digital control panel will easily allow you to set your comfort expectations and its large heating surface and its boost mode will comply with them.

bathroom heating KEA electric towel rail

available in grey or white colours

KEA electric towel rail with 2 removable towel hanger bars

2 removable bars, can be installed on the left or right side of the body

Elegant and efficient

With the KEA electric towel rail from Atlantic you enjoy all the comfort you need in the bathroom. You will be able to warm the bathroom comfortably and dry the towels at the same time. The KEA Towel Hanger was designed to fit even the smallest bathrooms. There are people who have installed the KEA heater in the kitchen as well!

Gifted with an elegant and user friendly design, Kea is fitted with boost function and clever programming, which will allow you to quickly achieve optimum comfort as well as energy savings up to 25%!  Using the boost function temperature can rise very fast: + 3 °C in only 10 minutes.


In addition to the comfort, the KEA Electric Towel Rack is practical. It allows you to easily slide your towels with the 2 removable bars, which can be installed on the left or right side of the body.

KEA electric towel rail

ModelWattHxWxD (mm)Price
KEA white800 +600W705x340x113360€
KEA grey800 +600W705x340x113400€

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