Electric heaters Atlantic

θερμοπομποί Atlantic

Atlantic heaters | 5 year warranty Sani hellas SA
Atlantic heaters natural air flow (convection)

How do convectors work;

Electric heaters Atlantic (convectors) operate through natural flow. The cold air in the lower layers of the room enter the bottom of the heater, it is warmed by the heating element and is extracted without violence from the top of the heater. The principle of natural airflow allows us to quickly warm up the room volume without drying the air.

Electric heaters Atlantic 5 years warranty - Greece dealer Sani hellas SA

Electric heaters Atlantic advantages

Low consumption

Each convector Atlantic has a precision room temperature sensor located on the right bottom of the body (the cold air is in the lower atmosphere) to precisely determine room temperature.

Convectors Atlantic have a built-in electronic (and not mechanical) thermostat. They control the temperature of each room separately, thus more accurately and economically. We are given the option of having different room temperature if desired.

Electronic thermostat (silent)! with indicator light

  • Silent operation
  • temperature swing of less than ±0,1C°
  • Immediate response to room temperature sensor commands, keeping room temperature stable, without fluctuations, creating a pleasant comfort environment.


The homogeneous flow of the heat ensures the low temperature of the surface of the heater (up to 65 °C).

Atlantic heaters with rounded corners become a friendly accessory in the home environment.

Even if the Atlantic heater is covered, for example with clothes (forbidden), the heater’s thermal safety immediately shuts it down. The heater will re-operate when the clothes are removed. Moreover, if the convector is mounted on a wheel base and for some reason overturns, it will automatically shut down as it has a tilt detector.

Atlantic heaters are double-insulated (Classe II). They can be safely placed in the bathroom as they provide protection from moisture and water vapor.

Possibility of locking (blocking) thermostat and temperature settings to avoid any third party changes.

They don't dry the air

Atlantic convectors have a heating element shield in aluminium. It is not glow and therefore does not burn the oxygen.

Atlantic convectors don’t have a fan! They do not blow hot air. They produce warmth diffused through natural flow, harmoniously in space! Unlike other heating devices – heat blowers air conditions– Atlantic heaters offer a pleasant warmth that is diffused harmoniously in space.

Heat exhaust louvers are designed to be tilted to the floor so that no dust enters the interior of the body. In this way no dust is burned when the convector is in operation and therefore the wall is kept clean.

Sani hellas as the official and exclusive representative provides a 2 year warranty for Atlantic heaters. The warranty applies to all heater models that have been purchased from the official distribution network nationwide.

Atlantic heaters description
Electric heaters Atlantic 5 years warranty - Greece dealer Sani hellas SA

Electric heaters Atlantic

| Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Completely silent function
  • Equipped with electronic thermostat (deviation ± 0,1C°)
    Immediate thermostat response to room temperature changes, silent operation and constantly maintaining the selected temperature.
  • Accurate sensor
  • Low consumption, immediate heating
    99% of the energy Atlantic heaters consume is converted into the heat of the heated room.
  • Do not dry the air.
    Atlantic heatres have cold resistance, shielded in aluminum to prevent them το glow. Therefore, they do not burn the oxygen of the atmosphere and does not dry the atmosphere.
  • Atlantic convectors have small, practical dimensions for mounting on the wall or castors feet.
  • Heat diffusion from the front of the panel
    Atlantic radiators dissipate the heat from the blinds on the façade of the body with a downward inclination. It prevents the build-up of dust inside the body and the heat dissipation in the room becomes more harmonious.
  • Thermal fuse protects from overheating
    Atlantic heaters have a security thermal fuse. If the heater is covered or falls down (if mounted on castors) it stops automatically to work.
  • Safety !
    The external surface of the heater does not burn. Atlantic heaters have been installed in manyKindergartens.
  • Double insulated Classe II, Splash proof
    Atlantic convectors can be installed in the bathroom.