Atlantic F120 design electric heater

The Atlantic F120 design heater is equipped with a new digital control panel, which makes weekly programming very simple. Like all the Atlantic heaters, the F120 design is equipped with an electronic precision room thermostat, a low temperature heating element with an aluminum diffuser., overheating safety device, hight accuracy electronic thermostat. Atlantic F120 is an upscale and modern design heater, of small dimensions that can be used as the main or additional heating system .

Atlantic F120 design uses the HD technology.It is an innovative development that allows air flow to be distributed by natural convection combined with infrared radiation. Due to the special geometric shape of the front panel surface, the convector has improved heat transfer. The front panel of the convector heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly, which ensures comfortable operation. The front plate of the heater heats up quickly and the heating element diffuses the heat fast and homogeneously in order to achieve your comfort settings.

The weekly programming on free daily base & electronic regulation, the ease of use, the option to either wall mounted or floor-mounted with feet (feet sold separately) are only some of the Atlantic F120 design advantages.

99% of the consumed energy is transformed into heat. The new weekly thermostat offers even more energy savings. You have 7 heating programs to choose from, and can even modify according to your needs.

Atlantic F120 design heater | Technical  Specifications 

  • Low temperature heating element with an aluminum diffuser.
  • Very short warm-up time.
  • Open window function.
  • Electronic precision room thermostat (deviation ± 0,1C °)
  • Fully silent operation
  • Multi- stage switch of operating modes: COMFORT 10-28 ° C, ANTI-FREEZE 7 ° C, ECO , STOP , PROGRAMMER , TIMER , OPEN WINDOW.
  • CALIBRATION You adjust the temperature measured by the appliance according to the room temperature. The calibration value is from -3°C to +3°C comparing to the temperature shown on the screen.
  • Lock the thermostat settings, e.g. against children.
  • 7 heating programs for each day of the week that can be modified by the user
  • TIMER mode for scheduled shutdown of the device.
  • Operation light
  • White color (RAL 9016, epoxy-polyester varnish).
  • Wall rack (galvanized steel).
  • 2 year warranty only from the dealer Sani hellas SA
Atlantic F120 design thermostat
Weekly heating programs

The Atlantic F120 Design heater comes with 7 heating programs. The new thermostat gives you the possibility to modify each program and to adjust it according to your daily needs. You can always reset the programs to the factory settings.

θερμοπομπός Atlantic F120 design
Wall mount installation

ATLANTIC F120 design is mounted with a bracket (included) 12cm above the floor.

Electric heaters Atlantic 5 years warranty - Greece dealer Sani hellas SA
Floor mounted

ATLANTIC F120 design heater can be floor-mounted with feet (sold separately).

πόδια δαπέδου Atlantic F129

Atlantic F120 design | Dimensions  mm.

Model Output Height Width Depth
F120 10 1000W 461 465 114
F120 15 1500W 461 613 114
F120 20 2000W 461 761 114
F120 25 2500W 461 909 114