Atlantic F119 design

Atlantic F 119 design | Technical specifications

  • Cold resistance shielded in aluminium
  • Accurate electronic thermostat (temperature swing of less than ±0,1C°)
  • Operation modes: Comfort, Eco, Anti-freezing
  • Accurate sensor
  • Completely silent function
  • Immediate heating
  • Operating light
  • Colour white (RAL 9016)
  • 5 year warranty from the dealer Sani hellas

Wall mounted

The ATLANTIC F119 heater is mounted on the wall, low 12 centimetres from the floor 


ATLANTIC F119 can installed on castors feet (bought separately as an accessory) 

Atlantic F 119 design | Dimensions

Model       Watt      Height(mm)     Width(mm)     Depth(mm)
F119 05500W461390,9114
F119 101000W461464,9114
F119 151500W461612,9114
F119 202000W461760,8114
F119 252500461908,9114