Atlantic heaters prices

Atlantic heaters prices

SANI HELLAS SA Greece dealer of Atlantic heaters

Beware of parallel importations

Sani hellas as the official and exclusive agent provides a 5 year warranty for Atlantic heaters. The warranty applies to all models purchased from the official distribution network nationwide. Following an Atlantic directive, in order to protect our customers and to continue to provide high-level service, heaters sold through unauthorised dealers will not be granted the the 5 year warranty.

F119 design CE

Model Watt HxWxD Price
F119 Design CE 05 500W 460x391x114 90€
F119 Design CE 10 1000W 460x465x114 95€
F119 Design CE 15 1500W 460x613x114 105€
F119 Design CE 20 2000W 460x761x114 115€
F119 Design CE 25 2500W 460x909x114 130€
Wall mounting accessory 4,70€

[Feet kit included]

F125 design

Μοντέλο Watt ΥxΠxΒ Τιμή
F125 Digital 10 1000W 461x465x114 105€
F125 Digital 15 1500W 461x613x114 115€
F125 Digital 20 2000W 461x761x114 129€
F125 Digital 25 2500W 461x909x114 140€
Feet kit 13€

[Wall mounting kit included]

F129 digital

Μοντέλο Watt ΥxΠxΒ Τιμή
F129 Digital 10 1000W 461x465x114 115€
F129 Digital 15 1500W 461x613x114 126€
F129 Digital 20 2000W 461x761x114 143€
F129 Digital 25 2500W 461x909x114 159€
Feet kit 13€

[Wall mounting kit included]