electric towel rail ATLANTIC RSS 2012

ηλεκτρική πετσετοκρεμάστρα ATLANTIC RSS 2012

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• RSS 2012 στενή σειρά

The RSS 2012 electric bathroom towel rail combines robust construction, design simplicity and excellent heating performance. It is a smart choice for quality and easy heating of the bathroom.

The special heating liquid transfers heat to all piping. In this way, the heat is distributed homogeneously over the entire surface of the body.

Towel rack with thermostat accessible at the bottom of the device and easy to use.

With a width of 400 mm. (narrow row) up to 550 mm. you can fit an Atlantic towel rail, no matter how small your bathroom is.

ΘΕΡΜΑΝΣΗ ΜΠΑΝΙΟΥ, Ηλεκτρική πετσετοκρεμάστρα μπάνιου RSS 2012

ATLANTIC RSS 2012 advantages


• Electronic thermostat
• Precision room temperature sensor (sensor)
• Low consumption
• Uniform bathroom heating
• Boost function
• Special heat-conducting fluid inside for greater and immediate performance
• Silent operation
• Large rails for quick drying of towels and clothes
• 100% efficiency


• IP44 protection, suitable for safe operation in the bathroom
• Thermal safety that prevents excessive temperature rise on the body surface
• Should be placed 60 cm above the floor
• Available widths: 48 / 55 cm
• Anthracite color (RAL 9016)
• 2 Year warranty

Atlantic RSS 2012 electric bathroom towel rail

Model Watt HxWxD (mm) Price
RSS 2012 05 500W 998x480x85 299€
RSS 2012 07 750W 1453x480x85 345€
RSS 2012 10 1000W 1781x480x85 379€

Atlantic RSS 2012 electric bathroom towel rail Narrow series

Model Watt HxWxD (mm) Price
RSS 2012 ΣΤΕΝΗ 03 300W 798x400x85 259€
RSS 2012 ΣΤΕΝΗ 05 500W 1248x400x85 299€